The Children’s Baltic Sea Protest

We want to save the Baltic Sea! We want to swim in clean waters!

The Children’s Baltic Sea protest want to give space to the voices of young people who feel they want a change for the better.

The project is over for this year, but we should all still do our part for a cleaner sea!

The children’s Baltic Sea protest started with a letter that was published in our biggest newspapers in 2014:

The summer has been lovely in many ways. But it has also been very sad because many children have not been able to swim because of blue-green algae. We should do something to save the archipelago! Money should be invested to clean the water. All schoolchildren in Finland should engage in a protest day to make adults understand that they have to do something to save the archipelago!

Vera Meriläinen, 8 years & Isak Meriläinen, 6 years

We want to give kids and young people a chance to be heard and make a difference in society, and to engage them in environmental questions that very much concerns them, now and in the future. 

The protest day 2016

The sea is ours, the responsibility is yours!

A big thanks to all that joined us on the protest day on August 27 in Helsinki! The day starts with a march together through Helsinki City to the Kansalaistori square, where we were be seen and heard!

Support the Baltic Sea, make your voice heard!

Other ways to participate

– Talk about the Baltic Sea, what are the issues, what can we do?

– Phrase your own questions or messages to our politicians.

– Write a story, poem, letter, article or a blog post about the Baltic Sea

– Think of your own ways to make a difference and communicate them


Watch children perform their own song The Baltic Sea and read about last year’s protest event 2015.

For more information about the Baltic Sea, please watch the documentary Below the Surface, an bilingual Sweidsh and Finnish video with English subtitles.

For students age 11-13 HELCOM has published a teaching material Lord of the Things with accompanying video. From 13 and up, extensive education material can be found at Save Our Baltic Sea, with lessons to learn about fishery, eutrophication, chemicals and shipping.

Check out the song Our Sea, written and performed by the young participants on the music camp KOMP in summer 2016. The song Our Sea was written for the Children’s Baltic Sea Protest.

Contact information

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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